Virtual Reality...

Make a tool to take your business to another level by blending the experience, innovation and technology to make a masterpiece of your project. Be it real estate walk through, military and medical trainings, sports, education or gaming, VR is an experience like no other.

Our Work

We build mind-blowing, fully interactive, and incredibly sticky 360° video and CGI Virtual Reality experiences for Brands and Events. From concept to execution, our India based team delivers world class content every time. If you can dream it, we can build it.

We Provide

• VR experience at high footfall area

• App for mobile

• Portable VR app to take to customer locations

• App Walk troughs

• High-end VR experiences

We Develop

Virtual WalkthroughsWe create walk troughs to help potential customers get a look and feel of the project before they even enter your sales office.

Project VisualizationWe enable your customer to virtually experience and walk around complex projects including entire townships before they are even built.

Customizable Sales Kits We develop easy-to-use, fully customizable sales kits that enable your agents to personalize colors, layouts or even the complete design of the apartment for the customer.

Technology Partner

ComXR is the virtual reality arm of 84-year old technology, media and advertising group, Comart.
ComXR brings together people, processes and technologies in a cohesive engagement framework to deliver innovative solutions to leading brands around the world.


Talented creatives, animators, and 3d artists with adaptive technical development and agile project management to create best-in-class VR content and design.


Experience Unbuilt Spaces

Allow interested buyers to experience all aspects of the project. Our solution allows the customer to walk inside the project whether it is the club house, gym or even an entire township much before it’s built.


Access Anywhere

Take your project to the customer whether it's at their office, home or at your sales site. Allow them to experience the look and feel of the project wherever they may be.


Save Time & Money

Enable your sales team to show a prospective customer a variety of different projects, layouts and designs from a single location. This speeds up the customer’s decision making process thereby cutting down your sales cycle time.


Unbounded Personalization

Allow different audiences to access designs and layouts best suited for them. Different people have different tastes and we will help you modify the existing layout to enable multiple design options.

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